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Dennis uses his advanced training in I/O psychology to provide high quality services in research design and evaluation.
Dennis Thomas

Kris applies his training in I/O psychology and human factors to applied research methodology and evaluation.
Kristopher T. Korbelak

Susan manages the day to day operations of the office and provides support on a variety of projects.
Susan Blomberg
Company Profile

Dunlap and Associates, Inc. is a small consulting firm that uses human factors oriented techniques to provide support to large and small organizations. Because we are small, you will get personalized attention that addresses your organization's specific needs. The Dunlap and Associates, Inc. staff use their extensive experience in design and methodology to provide the highest quality services to each and every client.

Richard Blomberg

Richard Blomberg, who is known worldwide for his research, consulting, case planning and expert witness activities related to human factors, safety and transportation, heads the Dunlap team. He has 40 years of experience and helps clients identify true needs and innovative approaches.